The Lost

The Lost is stories of hope, tragedy, and the people the world turns away from. From a young woman struggling with addiction to a streetwise Santa looking out for his friends, these stories range from literary to magical realism. The Lost is an anthology of stories that confront issues of homelessness and the people our society ignores.

The Lost features a great group of writers who have created daring, elegant stories of loss, redemption, and love.

  • Kathryn Watterson: Bumble Bee Brown
  • C.J. Malarsky: Burning Ember
  • Sarah Newton: Circles and Stars
  • K. H. Vaughan: Hell on Wheels
  • Megan Engelhardt: Jimmy Got-It Gets It
  • Stephen D. Rogers: Magpie
  • Meg Jayanth: The Beasts By Their Names
  • Peter Woodworth: The End of Hungry Santa
  • Shoshana Kessock: The Case of George the Curious

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